Natural Healthy Hair
Thrill Spa specializes in customizing weaves to fit your hair line. You can take advantage of a
full head weave by having the luxury to letting your hair grow naturally without putting any harsh
perms or dyes in your hair.  
If you have any issues with thinning edges or bald spots, a full head weave will keep them
concealed.  You can finally give our hair a break because it will not be visible.  A weave will be
designed that looks and feels just like your own hair.
If you need assistance with picking a color or particular
texture, a private consultation is available so you can have the exact hair that fits your lifestyle.
Hair Thrill Hydro with its #50 Organic Essential Oils & Herbs will help your hair grow and
eliminate any itch while maintaining your weave

Hair Menu

Private Sessions By Appointment Only.

Shea Thrill Wash & Sea Weed Conditioner

Full Head Weave $188      Weave Cut & Set $38 & up

Weave Removal
$48 & up      Weave Tightened  $58  

Hair Trim
$18 & up        Hair cut $58 & up   

Locks or Twist
$48 an Hour      

Personal Consultation $

Organic Facial Menu
1.   Chocolate (Chocolate Tropical Thrill) (for clogged pores)
This individualized facial treatment uses all natural ingredients to
nurture the different layers of the skin while removing damaging
balances and impurities. Ingredients include powerful antioxidants
that stimulate and draw out toxins, bacteria & impurities.
Exfoliates skin with a natural blend of dead sea salts & crushed herbs.

2.  Honey Pumpkin (Honey, Pumpkin & Protein Rub)
Good for hydration, dry or mature skin. Special cleansing herbs
and botanicals lubricate and restore and maintain a healthy,
hydrated epidermis. A pampering, moisturizing facial developed
to treat all skin types.

3. Coconut Mud (Clay Wrap) Pure coconut, Macadamia, and
exotic nut extract oils and calming pineapple extracts gently
buff way dull skin cells and unclog pores. A tropical
blend of vitamins & nutrients.

Back Facials
Wouldn't you love the luxury of having your back professionally
cleansed and pampered in areas that would normally never
be contacted in daily bathing.  Aromatherapy for the back is the
most therapeutic way of relaxing.  It is peaceful, quiet &  warm to
the body.  Will also removes unwanted
discolorations & blackheads & will unclog oily back pores naturally.
Choose from the facial menu and enjoy a wonderful soothing
Back Facial & Massage.

Hair & Facials Services
Private Appointment Only
E-mail or Call 212-982-8084 / 347-742-1010 to schedule a one on one Session
Organic Herbal Facials
Facials are great for detoxifying, ultimate cleansing and revitalizing the skin.
Deep cleansing is a good way to show your bright eyes & smooth skin,  which is a sign of
good health, contentment and peace. Using fresh organic  naturals will promote smooth skin
and improve your facial features dramatically.  
All facials are finished in a Seaweed wrap and signature Thrill
massage developed to repair,revitalize and moisturize..

Thrill Spa Facials come in three organic preparations... “using
steam therapy & what the Earth gave us is the healthiest way to go,
” says Rebecca, who mixes various concoctions from whatever organic herbs, fresh fruit or
produce is in season. Natural herbal facials are the most
effective treatment for deep cleansing, hydrating and detoxifying.
Especially on acne, blackheads and skin with large pores.