Herb X Oil Thrill #14
Exotic Aphrodisiac Herbal Shower & Massage Oil
(Do Not Use If Pregnant)

Exotic, Deep & Sensual
Soothing antiseptic oils in Herb X help fight infection, stimulates the
immune system and ease symptoms of pms.  For relaxation and anxiety, use
Herb X Oil Thrill and it  will not  only boost confidence, but encourages
balance, peace & happiness. This  stimulating aphrodisiac digs into your
soul with 14 essential and fragrance oils and herbs  of violets, ylang ylang,
coconut,  green tea, licorice, grapeseed and many more sensual oils that
also enhance the appreciation of beauty and stimulate fantasy.

Origin Of Oils & Herbs; India, West Indies, China, Australia, France & USA.
Finer Flow Bottles 8 fl.oz. $35

Herb Oil Thrill#35
Organic Herbal Shower & Massage Oil
(Do Not Use If Pregnant)
Antibacterial, Antiseptic & Anti fungal

Relaxing, Refreshing & Potent
This beautiful copulation of oils strengthens the skin while encouraging
the veins to constrict.  Eases anxiety, promotes calm & peace.
Regenerates skin cells, reduces fluid retention & stimulates the immune system.
Eliminates or reduces cellulite, eczema, psoriasis & discolorations.
Improves circulation and repels insects. Calming and anti-inflammatory
oils ease itching and soreness and promote healing. Wonderful for aged and
sun damaged skin.  Herb Oil Thrill is one of the strongest oils that I produce
and is loaded with essential oils of parsley, fennel, basil,  frankincense, cajeput,
lime, black seed, birch, juniper & cypress just to name a few amongst the
35 herbs & oils. It also contains healthy moisturizers like cocoa and sal
butters for added moisture.

Origin Of Oils & Herbs; India, Indonesia, Italy,West Indies, China, Australia, France & USA.
Finer Flow Bottles 8 fl.oz. $45
Organic Herb Oil Thrills
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Organic Herbal Shower & Massage Oils & Hair Conditioner

Thrill Spa offers you a wide range of quality Essential Oils & Organic Herb Oil
combinations to meet all your skin care needs. Thrill Herb Oils are super strong to
keep your skin moisturized, scar and blemish free, especially in shaving bump
areas. Reduces areas of cellulite, beneficial for arthritis. Will stimulate
and  tighten loose skin.  You have a wide variety to choose from and many of my
Thrill clients have every oil because the are all so amazing. They will make you stress free,
keep you super clean and attract lots of positive energy.
Use any combination of Herb Oils with Body Thrills for ultimate skin care.

Apply Thrill Oils to wet skin after taking a shower or use all over body as a penetrating massage oil.
Herb Oil Thrills can also be Use on hair for a healthy shine. You can also condition your hair with any of the Oils

Please note this product is not intended to replace the care of a doctor.
Herb Soufflé Thrill #46
Bronzing Herbal  Shower & Massage Soufflé
(Contains Gold Powder)   Natural Sun Block Spf 45

Gold, Warm & Earthy
Revitalizes, regenerates, soothes & disinfects skin. Contains an abundance of
essential fatty acids that the body uses to balance & regulate cellular activity.
It reduces the aging process of the skin and reverses damage from ultraviolet
rays. Powerful anti fungal. Indicated for psoriasis, eczema, athlete's foot & fungal
infections. Is recommended for use in meditation. It provides a protective barrier
and silky feel to bronze the skin naturally. Eases depression and relieves stress.
Relieves headaches,also valuable as an insect repellent. Its sedative properties
could help bring down high blood pressure. Relaxes, eases feelings of anger,
anxiety, shock, deep sadness, panic & fear.  Stimulates effects on the scalp
promote luxurious hair growth and eliminates dandruff.

The raw cacao (raw chocolate) has 30 times the anti-oxidant which is found in
green tea.  Is known to increase sexual drive, sensuality & beauty.   Loaded with
lots of spiritual and powerful Essential oils of ylang ylang,  citronella,  borage,
petigrain, safflower, pumpkin, sandalwood, jasmine, fig, rose, rosewood,
aloe,  spikenard, cinnamon, lavender and lots more. Refined Butters Of shea,
olive, almond,  sunflower, aloe & cocoa.  Silk powder & cacao bean,
(Raw Chocolate)  are special extra ingredients added amongst many more for
extra moisture.  Use on wet skin right before you exit the shower or for a
warming massage or hair conditioner.

Origin of Oils & Herbs; Brazil, Egypt , West Indies, China, Spain, Italy, Ethiopia,
Indonesia, Siberia, Bulgaria, Spain, France & USA.
Finer flow 8 fl. oz. $55    
Man Herb Oil Thrill #33
Spiced Up Musk Antiviral Shower & Massage Oil
(Do Not Use If Pregnant)
*Please note: This product is not intended to replace the care of a doctor.

Musk, Robust & Spicy
Musk flavored herb oil is loaded with antiviral, antiseptic and antibacterial
essential oils and herbs to keep body smooth. Removes shaving bumps, raised skin,
dark spots, discoloration. Stimulates blood flow to the skin, therefore it
is invigorating and very warming to the body. Increases circulation flow has
natural moisturizers that have high penetrative qualities. Rich in minerals and
vitamins. Soothing super anti-inflammatory, the oils used in this thrill are
beneficial to acne, eczema and chapped dry skin and is popular for both
men and women. Will improve the quality of your skin dramatically.
Because Man Herb Oil Thrill is derived from Man Thrill it contains very similar
oils such as vetiver, pine, ginger, sage, black seed, frankincense, juniper, apricot,
hemp and several different versions of musk.

Origin Of Oils & Herbs; India, Java, China, Egypt,
Ethiopia, Indonesia, USA, Australia and France.
Finer Flow Bottle 8 fl.oz. $45