Hair Thrill Pudding #37
Super Hyped up Organic Herbal Hair Tonic
Very Potent
(Do not use if Pregnant)

Hair Thrill Pudding is the second strongest (Not as Strong as Hair Thrill Hydro #50) natural
hair tonics ever made.  It is excellent to moisturize very dry hair. It will nourish & stimulate hair growth
dramatically. Promotes a healthy scalp and thickens thin edges or bald spots.  Will stop damaged hair from
falling out or breaking off.  Excellent to use on locks, braids or any natural hair.  Can also be used on scalp to
prevent dandruff. Will stop itchy scalp immediately. Has very strong antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral
properties that will keep scalp & hair fresh & clean. I will give you a preview on some of the 37 Essential Oils &
Herbs in this wonderful Natural.  Rosemary, cinnamon, marigold, juniper, palmarosa, rosewood, patchouli,
jojoba, cederwood, clary sage, tea tree,  almond, lavender & sage. Apply with Bay leaf to scalp & hair.

Origin of Oils & Herbs; India, Indonesia, Italy, West Indies, China, Egypt, Ethiopia,  Australia, France & USA.
         Princess Jar 2 oz. $30                         Queen Jar 4 oz. $55    

W Thrill #11
Healthy Human Hair Extension De Frizzier

W Thrill is an essential conditioning element for Hair weaves or braids.
If you are looking to eliminate frizz, We've Thrill will make your weave
look completely natural and keep it silky soft.  Great on straight,
wavy or curly textures.
Spray on Damp hair once a day or as needed.

Glow Spray Bottles 16 oz. $45
Hair Thrill Heavy#30
Hyped Up Organic Herbal Hair Tonic

Invigorating, Soothing & Penetrating
Thirty of the richest organic essential oils and herbs
of avocado, grapeseed
, frankincense, thyme, green tea,
rose petals, white tea, coconut, lime, lavender, ginger,
carrot, tea tree, chamomile, licorice and much more are
perfectly combined in this fabulous Thrill to prevent
breakage & strengthen hair growth, eliminates dandruff,
frizzes and split ends.  Apply directly to your hair and
scalp 2 to 3 times a week.  Hair Thrill Heavy is excellent
for permed or processed hair.  

Origin Of Oils & Herbs; India, Indonesia, Italy,
West Indies, China, Australia, France & USA.

Princess Bottle 2 fl.oz.  $25

Healthy Hair Thrills
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Invigorating, Soothing & Penetrating,  
Hair Thrills are organic essential oils and herbs that are perfectly
combined to stimulate hair and scalp. Promotes hair growth. Prevents breakage
and strengthen hair shaft. Eliminates dandruff, frizzes and split ends.  Stops the itch
that tends to happen when hair is dry and brittle. Excellent moisturizer and will keep
hair clean longer. These Thrills are the best Naturals the Universe has to offer.
Hair Thrill Hydro#50
(Extremely Potent)

Caution: This product is for Severely Damaged scalp and hair
conditions. It is not intended to replace the care of a Doctor
and is not to be  used everyday for minor hair problems!


Hair Thrill Hydro is the very strongest hair product every made anywhere on this earth & should be used to treat
Hair & Scalp that is damaged from thinning, bald spots, breakage, bad perms, alopecia, heavy locks, stress,
etc. Bay rum, carrot, red thyme, sage, rosemary, meadow foam, milk protein, aloe, honeyquat, vitamin E,
vitamin A,  lemongrass, clary sage, hemp,  jojoba, olive,  castor, eucalyptus, Peppermint, comfrey, walnut,
licorice, nettle, elder, pomegranate & violet are among the 50
oils and herbs in this wonderful Hair Thrill.  It will
make your hair incredibly strong and healthy. Eleven of the finest
Exotic refined Butters like Red Palm,
Mowrah, Sal, Aloe, Olive, Sunflower, Almond to name a few  will Rejuvenate and moisturize your hair to the
fullest. Increases shine tremendously, locks in moisture from the roots up.

Hair Thrill Hydro #50 will give you
Maximum Growth & Moisture.

Origin Of Oils & Herbs; Jamaica, India, Indonesia, Italy, West Indies, China, Egypt, Ethiopia, Australia, Java, France & USA

                                         Queen Jar
4oz. $65