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Thrill Spa
By Rebecca
Lavishing Those Who
Indulge in Healthy Lifestyles

Rebecca I have been using the Man Thrill #29, Herb Oil #35 and Uplift for 3 years now and can't tell you how much I
love your products and don't know what I would do with out them. Keep up the good work.

-Love Yah!- T. Moore, Queens, NY

Before I started using the Body Pudding#21 & Foot Thrill#20, my elbows and my feet were dry. I said, "If this smooths
my elbows and makes my feet soft and smooth, I will be impressed." I am impressed! It smells amazing and the rich
essential oils relax me so much. My husband is a massage therapist, and he got excited when he felt the bottom of my

- R. Davis, New York, NY

"Since I have started using Hair Thrill Pudding#37 my hair has never felt so good. It instantly made my hair feel and
look better, and after several applications has greatly improved my hair. My hair was really dry, after lots of chemical
treatments, perms and colors. I have tried many different products to try to improve the condition of my hair, and
although many worked immediately after using them they soon wore off and my hair was back to its dry state. Hair
Thrill Pudding is different. It has improved the condition of my hair and continues to do so. Thank you Becky."

- M. Brown. Brooklyn, NY

My face feels hydrated not dry anymore. Your product is light, not greasy and keeps your skin moisturized longer than
cream moisturizers. Hooray for Uplift Face Thrill #23. Your Right Rebecca I look 10 years younger.

- F. Bruno, New York, NY

I have had psoriasis for over 20 years and always had problems wearing short sleeves because of my embarrassing
red flaky patch. I purchased the Man Thrill#29 and Herb Oil #35 from Rebecca in NYC's Union Square. All I have to
say is I haven't had any bouts with my psoriasis, my skin is radiant and beautiful and I wear short sleeves and go
sleeveless when ever I get a chance. Thank you so much Rebecca for creating such a great product. It has bought me
my freedom to have a life again.

-Thanks Again! - W & P. McNulty, Dublin, Ireland

I have been using Thrill Spa products since the beginning 6 years ago and I will tell you Rebecca is totally committed
to producing quality product all the time. I started using Body Thrill when it was #10 and now my favorite is the Body
Thrill Atomic #31, the Chill Thrill #14, The Herb Oil #35 and Chill Body Thrill #28. I carry my Chill Body with me
everywhere I go and when I need a boost not only will I smell fresh but it cuts my appetite and leaves my skin soft and
fresh. Thanks Rebecca! You are the Best in the skin care industry.

- A. Reddish, Charlotte, NC

I suffer from a bad case of eczema on my hands and feet, mainly my second and middle finger. I'm constantly
exposing my hands to irritants such as bleach and detergents. I've tried steroids and ointment creams. I have been a
bartender for several years and with the demands of my job I was never able to get relief. Until, my girlfriend brought
home Man Thrill #29. It's been two weeks and I haven't seen my hands look this good in a long time. I would
recommend this to anyone who is suffering from extremely dry, cracked skin. I've told several people about this Thrill
Spa and they have had extremely positive results after all the results speak for them self.

- S. Walker. Brooklyn, NY

My husband purchased the Hair Thrill Hydro #50 for his balding. It has improved a lot over the last 2 weeks. I have
also been using the Shea Thrill #17 it as a cleanser on my face and as a body wash. My skin has never looked and
felt better. I would recommend Thrill Spa's wide range of Thrills for anyone to use.

-Thank you! - M. Demps. New York, NY

I'm in my mid twenties, and I have been experiencing overactive skin. The melanin in my skin causes my blemishes to
be very apparent. I started feeling self conscious about the condition of my skin. Then I was introduced to the Thrill
Spa by a long time client. Rebecca suggested I used the Chill Thrill #14 and Body Thrill Extra #22. These products
have many benefits, but my focus was to diminish the appearance of past and present impurities. I started substituting
my everyday moisturizer with the refreshing mist Chill Thrill #14. And the results have been amazing! My skin looks
and feels more healthy & hydrated. And best of all, my acne scars are fading naturally. I'm starting to feel completely
balanced inside and out.

-T. Carmichael. Bronx, NY

I am living in Chicago my skin undergoes condition changes. My whole life I have dealt with chapped flaky skin and
redness. Spending hours looking for the right cream, normally the most expensive, and my conditions would go away
temporarily however always return. There would be days that I would even use Vaseline anything to take the itch away.
I would also get stress acne enough to cause more stress and more acne. It was not until I started using Herb Souffle
#46 and the Body Pudding #21 that my stress started to go away along with my skin conditions. The most noticeable
change was the morning I looked into the mirror and my spot cream and moisturizer was not the first thing I grabbed.
My Thrill Spa products are what I was looking for. Thanks Rebecca your products are the best!

- L. Malone. Lakeview, Long Island

I was recently in NYC at Union Square where I purchased some of the Hair Thrill Hydro#50 and Hair Thrill Pudding
#30. Because I have a very sensitive scalp which can also be dry and flaky, my hair does not always look its best. I
have tried a lot of different treatments with varying results. However, since I have used the Hair Thrill Hydro & Hair
Thrill #30, which I apply 3 times weekly, I have had great results. My scalp is not red and irritated, the flaking has
stopped and my hair has gloss and manageability. My family has commented on "have I had my hair done at the
hairdressers". It's given me a new confidence. I will continue to use Hair Thrills range of products and wish you

- J. Hanover. Atlanta, GA

I started using the Thrill Spa about 10 months ago. I love the way it makes my skin look and feel. I especially love the
herbal smell and always get lots of complements on my scent. Before using the Body Pudding #21, my skin would
break out about once a month. These breakouts were not too severe but very obvious and annoying. But ever since I
started using the Pudding along with the Herb Oil#35, these monthly breakouts have completely stopped. A few
months ago, I went on a vacation and didn't take the Pudding or Herb oil with me and by the end of the holiday I had
breakouts! When I got home and was able to use my Thrills and the breakouts cleared up in one day! I will never leave
my Thrills at home again when traveling!

-D. Wallace. Northfield, IL

Dear Rebecca As a physically active person I have had a reoccurring case of athletes foot. This fungus has evolved
into bigger problems for my feet. It infected my nails to the point of them falling off and uncontrollable plantar warts that
seemed to roam freely on the souls of my feet. I was washing my feet frequently with all types of soaps and scrubs. I
went to several different doctors that prescribed medicines that ranged from Gray Tape, to Penlic, Drysol and other
costly and potentially harmful (to the liver) prescriptions. These remedies seemed to have very little effect on resolving
my feet problems. Then I started using Foot Thrill #20 along with Herb Souffle #46. My athletes foot condition went
away almost immediately and within 2 weeks, there was no sign of any plantar warts.

-Thanks Ms. Thrill Spa. - R. Glasson New York, NY

I developed eczema on my scalp around the hairline. It started in February and I would use the Hair Thrill Pudding at
night after I washed my hair. I would also use it whenever my scalp got itchy. The itch would completely stop the minute
I applied the Hair Pudding. Now, a month later, the flakiness is completely gone. I know that there is no cure for
eczema but the Hair Thrill Pudding #37 has drastically eliminated the itchiness as well as calmed my anxiety. No more
flakes on my hairline! Forever Grateful,

-A. Kelly. Los Angeles, CA

Since I started using both the Uplift Face Thrill #23 Extra and Hair Thrill #30 a year ago, I have noticed a tremendous
difference in the way my skin and hair looks and feels. For example, - I do not get any ingrown hairs anymore. My skin
has a constant healthy glow and my hair is as healthy as it every been and I have no more split ends or frizz. Your right
Rebecca, these Thrills are the best the universe has to offer.

-Thanx- J. Hoffman. New York, N.Y.

Greetings Rebecca, I can not say enough about these products; I recall when Rebecca said to me "once you start
using Thrill Spa you will never want to stop"; so true, I can't imagine missing one day of using these products both
morning and evening; as far as the benefits and results, they are definitely noticeable; my skin is more evenly toned
with the sun spots almost completely gone and a healthier overall appearance; plus my face is firmer and smoother;
but I use these extraordinary products on my arms and legs too! When I finish spraying my face with Chill Thrill #14 I
use the Body Chill #28 spray on my arms and on my legs, right after using the body pudding #21 I have noticed over
time that the skin on my legs are smooth and silky and this is without lotion. I also have noticed a major lightening of
the sun spots on my arms and legs. Most importantly, these products are natural, so I don't have to worry about
synthetics or harmful chemicals being
absorbed into my skin.

-Thank you,- C. J. Walton. Middleton, ID

I have chemically treated hair and I had trouble keeping my hair soft and healthy looking. My hair dresser
recommended Hair Thrill #30. After using it 3 times a week I noticed my hair has become soft and healthy looking. I
only needed a small amount for moisture. I find using the Hair Thrill#30 on my hair helps keep the shine all day. The
Thrill Spa, Hair Thrills are highly recommended and highly respected.

- B. Wright. New York, NY

Hair Thrill Pudding #37 is so fabulous and I love it. I have also turned all my friends and family on to these natural
products. Rebecca I remember you telling me that I was gorgeous but need a fab hair product and you were right.
Thanks for being so candid.

-Happy & Pleased - J. Bodge. Boston, MA

Hey Rebecca I just love all of your products. The Body Thrill Atomic really worked good on my stretch marks and
blemishes. I also love the Hair Thrill#30. You have great products. Thank you so much.

- S. Candy. New York, NY

Thrill Spa products worked for all my hair issues. Hair Thrill pudding worked like magic. My hair is so long and
manageable. Thrill Spa is an unbelievable product line.

Happy in Brooklyn,

- L. Brooks. Brooklyn, NY

Ms. Williams I am proud of you and wish you continued success with your wonderful products. I will always be a
Thriller. The new Atomic is great.

- R. Melvern. Queens, NY

Rebecca...this hair oil is fantastic! I love, love, love it. Even though it has more essential oils it has a lighter fragrance
and I find it more subtle and lovelier than the first one. Also, it is very concentrated and I used very little. Of course my
hair is very short but it is dry and it absorbs beautifully. I loved the old formula, but this one is even better. I want
another bottle. I'll be in Union Square Wednesday or Thursday. I never want to be without it. Thanks for your fabulous
formula. After a lifetime of products that really didn't work this one does. You're a genius. Lov,ellen

-E. Merchant. New York, NY