Man Thrill #29
Spiced Up Masculine Moisturizer

Cautions: (Do not use if pregnant)
This Product is not intended to replace a doctors care.

Man Thrill is really one of my favorite Thrills, because I intended to
make it for men and low & behold more women buy it. . I love that
Man Thrill is highly potent for infectious areas on the body like
shaving bumps or raised skin that need those antiseptic & antibacterial
oils to kill any foreign element that doesn't belong on your body or in your
bloodstream.  This Natural is one of my best sellers because of its healing
elements for psoriasis, eczema, acne, chapped dry skin, dark spots and
discolorations.  Stimulates blood flow to the skin, therefore it is invigorating
and very warming to the body. Its natural moisturizers  (butters of aloe, shea,
cocoa) have high penetrative qualities that are  rich in minerals and vitamins.
The super anti-inflammatory natural oils used in Man Thrill are beneficial and will
improve the quality of your skin dramatically.  I will of course just name a few.
Essential oils of vetiver,  sage, black seed, frankincense, juniper, apricot, hemp,
avocado, tea tree, lemongrass, clary sage,  comfrey, lime, tea tree & pomegranate.

Origin Of Oils & Herbs; India, Java, China, Egypt, Ethiopia, Indonesia, USA, Australia and France.


Silly Thrilly #9
Super Gentle Herbal Moisturizer 4 Kids

Silly Thrilly  contains a natural insect repellent & body deodorant.
Calms and relaxes. Excellent for kids with eczema and dry skin.  
Aids keeping the kids free for contamination, germs & impurities. .
Its antiseptic oil properties are very gentle and will keep the skin
soft &  beautiful.  Lends a hands in fading minor scars & bruises naturally.
Made with lots of Shea,  Soy & Cocoa Butter , this Silly Thrilly is the gentlest
moisturizer I prepare.  I believe kids should start a  healthy skin care
regimen early in life.  Natural oil properties are Jojoba, cypress, lavender,
green tea and jasmine.    And for the record, many adult Thrillers purchase
this product for themselves because of the results and low price

Origin Of Oils & Herbs; India, China, Indonesia & Australia.
Body Thrills
Miracle Beauty Creme   
*Please note: This product is not intended to replace the care of a doctor.
Effective, Stimulating, and Versatile,
Body Thrills come in 2 different strengths depending on your skin. You will get impressive
nutritional benefits for the healthiest skin ever. A rich concentration of oleic and linoleic
essential fatty acids reconstruct & rejuvenates skin.  Stimulates and strengthens the immune system. Eliminates or
significantly reduces, severe eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, stretch marks,
sun burn, discolorations & damaged skin. Insect repellent.
Will also eliminate poor circulation and repair varicose veins & broken capillaries.
Do not use Extra or Atomic if Pregnant.

Origin Of Oils & Herbs; India, China, , Australia and France, Egypt, Ethiopia, Indonesia, USA

Body Thrill Extra #22        

Body Thrill Atomic #31

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Foot Thrill  #20
Organic Herbal Foot Moisturizer

Foot Thrill is a natural foot moisturizer that will heal rough, dry feet.
Is a natural deodorizer & stimulates the circulation so your nails are bright,
strong & healthy. Penetrating anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic
essential oils are warming, relax muscles, relieve  mild pain and soothe feet.
Inhibits sweat so your feet don’t ever feel wet & uncomfortable.
Moisturizes tough heels and dry hands.  Very effective on rejuvenating varicose
veins and broken capillaries. Will radically improve bad circulation on any area
of the body, especially the thighs and lower legs.  Contains cypress, jojoba, peppermint,
tea tree, menthol crystals, avocado and sesame essential oils & herbs. Foot Thrill is so moisturizing that you can
kiss those rough, dry feet away.
Massage a generous amount to feet and ankles.

Origin Of Oils & Herbs; India, China, Morocco, Africa & Tropical Asia.
Body Thrill Pudding#21
Natural Organic Miracle Body Salve
Cautions: (Do not use if pregnant)

Balancing, Peaceful & Penetrating
Body Thrill Pudding is a strong circulatory stimulant that will maintain
ultimate moisture all over your body. This rich Salve will  alleviate symptoms
of eczema & or any dry skin, muscle & arthritic pain. It is one of the  few body
salves that can be used as a protective barrier on your skin and will protect
you against harsh environmental conditions.  It is rich in vitamins D, C & E.
It is an excellent emollient with essential oils & herbs of rosemary, pine,
rosewood, wintergreen, sesame,  coconut,  green tea, violet, banana,
cucumber &  melon. Remember the 21 Essential oils and organic herbs
in the Salve are very effective. Ultra white refined butters of mango,
shea & cocoa make this super luxurious Body Pudding the best on the planet.

Origin Of Oils & Herbs; India, China, Egypt, Ethiopia, Indonesia, USA, Australia and France.
Finer Flow 8 Fl.oz. $35

Uplift Face Thrill #16
Natural Face Lifting Moisturizing Creme

Gentle, Moisturizing & Uplifting,
This over night natural face lifting creme has delicately been combined with rose,
rosemary, almond, lavender, shark liver and other oils and herbs that add up
to 16 different organic essential oils and herbs.  Roll on any blemish or flaw to protect
your face from getting wrinkles or fine lines right before going to bed to allow the skin
to heal while you rest.  It will revitalize, tighten and reduce puffiness in your whole
entire face. Especially under the eyes. Shake well before each use.  

Uplift Face Thrill Extra #23 contains %40 extra levels of all oils in additional to oils
of emu, shea oil, chamomile. There are also 2 extra butters, aloe & mango.

Origin Of Oils & Herbs; India, Indonesia, Italy, West Indies, China, Australia, France & USA.

                  Uplift  Extra 1.oz.  lift Bottle $35
Numbers represent the amount of Essential Oils and Organic Herbs used
Silly Jar 4 oz. $35

Princess Jar   2 oz. $35
Queen Jar  4 oz. $45   

Prince Jar  2 oz $30
King Jar  4 oz. $55
Queen  Jar 4 Oz. $60
Foot Jars 1 oz $25