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Thrill Spa® NYC
By Rebecca

All Natural Handmade Skin & Hair Care
Created From The Finest Custom Blends of
Essential Oils & Organic Herbs.

Mind ★ Body ★ Hair

Lavishing Those Who Indulge In Healthy Lifestyles

Using Aromatherapy
(Pure Essential Oils & Organic Herbs)
in skin & hair care
detoxifies, revitalizes & is the ultimate
in caring for yourself, which is a sign of good
Health, Contentment & Peace.
Inspired by severe eczema & allergies since
the age of Nine, I founded Thrill Spa in 2001.
and turned my passion of creating super high
end naturals into something quite special.
Thrill Spa is now a leading organic natural
handmade skin & hair care supplier of 100%
pure, therapeutic grade essential oils and herbs.

I source directly from ethical producers in
all six continents around the world.
Thrill Spa has a wide variety
of organic body naturals to meet all of your
specific skin and hair care needs, large or small.

All of my Essential Oils and Organic Herbs
are ethically produced and are free from
pesticides or chemical fertilizers.  

Numbers on Thrill Products Represent the
Amount of  Essential Oils & Organic Herbs used
There are tons of additional ingredients and refined butters.

Caution: Please Do Not Use Thrills If Pregnant!